Is spinning for me?

Spinning is for everyone. It’s low impact and each individual is in full control of their gear settings which dictates how hard they want to work. Spinning is truly for everyone because you can have an athlete on one bike and a complete beginner on another and both are working to their own limitations. 


What to wear

Wear what you feel comfortable with working out in. If you're doing a indoor cycling class avoid wearing loose fitting pants as they could get caught in the bike with hilarious consequences.


What about cycling shoes

Runners are fine however cycling shoes are recommended. These are shoes that click into the pedals and enhance the cycling experience. They enable you to generate more powerful pedal strokes and give your legs a fuller workout. All our bikes are compatible for non-cycling shoes and SPD (Shimano SH51)


Do I need to bring a towel and water?

A towel is always available to, just ask for one at reception. Staying hydrated is important and highly recommended during a ride. You are welcome to bring your own water or you can purchase bottled water at reception.


Do I need to be an experienced rider?

Cycle Studio is for all levels of fitness, from beginners to hardcore cyclists. You control the intensity of the workout by adjusting the resistance on your bike. If you are just starting, you can keep the resistance low and as you get fitter (and you will) you can increase the resistance.


How and when do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a class by creating an account or logging into your existing account on our website. You must purchase a class or class package in order to reserve a place.


How many calories can I expect to burn in a single indoor cycle class?

In a typical class you can expect to burn 500-1000 calories depending on your intensity level. Each bike has a build in computer where you can track your performance results.


What are the age, weight and height requirements to ride a bike at Solid Cycle?

Riders must be 16 or older, at least 4'10". Our bike have a max user weight of 300 lbs.  



there is plenty of free on street parking where we are situated.


Changing Rooms and Showers

We have both male and female changing rooms and a shared shower room. Its most common that our clients choose to go elsewhere to shower but its there if you need it.


Cancellation policy

 In order to avoid being charged for your class you must cancel your bike 6 hours prior to your reserved class time. For classes before 10AM and weekend classes you must cancel by 8PM the night prior.

Want to change how you train forever?


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