Indoor Cycling

We are a cycling studio run by cyclists!

Our boutique style studio has dim lights, great music, Band & Olufsen sound system that makes your workout feel like a party on a bike.We've worked on how to create a non-intimidating environment for everyone to enjoy. We believe fitness can be fun and inspiring. For many of us, it's a form of therapy -- a way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. At Cycle Studio, we respect the mind / body / spirit connection approach to helping our riders find a sustainable path to better health and personal growth, all while having as good a time as possible.


Payment Options

No commitment or contracts or joining fee required. Classes are pay-as-you go with discounts for class packages.

Reserving Bikes

Our online booking system allows you to reserve a bike in advance, which means you are guaranteed a bike even when you arrive just before the class begins. No need to rush or arrive crazy early.

Frequency of Classes

The initial class schedule has c. 20 classes per week, which we plan to increase over time giving great flexibility on when you workout.time (schedule will be cutback at peak holiday periods). This again is key to one of the core philosophies of Cycle Studio, which is to enable people to exercise when it suits them rather than trying to fit their lives around the gym schedule.

Great Instruction

We believe that instruction should have the right balance of focus between technique, great music and enjoyment. Bike set-up, safety, correct posture and technique are constant non-wavering aspects of all our classes but we don’t take an overly purist approach to technique. We love outdoor cyclists we just don’t expect everyone to be one! We truly believe in providing motivation that is high in energy but down-to-earth. All our instructors are qualified fitness professionals and/or are members of the Indoor Cycling Association (ICA).

Class Types

For the first number of months at Cycle Studio we will be running “interval” classes after which we intend to introduce a mix of different class types. We have a one-our class with ex-Ireland cyclist Andrew Donnellan designed for those training for specific events and we will be adding more variety in class types over the coming months.

Interval Classes cover all types of terrain e.g. sitting on the bike while on a flat road, standing to get up a steep hill, recovering down the other side and then sprinting to the finish whereas strength and endurance classes are generally focussed on one type of terrain/bike position.

Next Generation Technology – Bikes & Monitors

We have brand new Schwinn® bikes with magnetic resistance that are smooth; smooth; smooth.Our bikes are fitted with consoles, which help you to monitor how you’re doing…that’s if you want to!! While our instructors will always provide you with a guide as to how you should be feeling, they can’t talk (and we don’t want them to) all of the time. Our consoles help you to keep an eye on your performance without being overly technical.



Our boutique style studio is designed to be a little different to a typical gym. The lighting is low, primarily provided by candles and the overall design is centred on enabling the mind to focus. Once the mind is focussed the body will follow supporting a great mind-body workout. Studio consists of Reception Area, Workout Area, Male & Female changing room, Separate Unisex Shower Room.

Our studio is a great place to hang out and have a coffee