Peter is a passionate cyclist and would be a familiar face at race events across the country. Peter is also a qualified personal trainer and certified Spinning® instructor. As an passionate cyclist Peter likes to bring real training to his class. He uses Dj skills to mix music and control tempo to match your  pedal rotations (RPM) which helps you stay on target and push up the hills.

Peter also studied Indian Clubs and Clubbells at the 5 Points Academy in New York and is one of very few people in the country that teaches this form of training. These exercises are incredible if you want to get strong & increase mobility without adding the bulk.

  "As a formerly obese person I’m fully aware of how hard it can be to lose body fat not only physically but mentally! Those that train with me find that they’re able to talk about their experiences with someone who’s overcome many of the same issues as them". 

Peter can be contacted at or 0862560320 regarding Training or general enquiries.

Lisa along with Peter is co-owner of Cycle Studio. Lisa is a certified Star 1 Spinning® instructor and has been spinning for many years. 

Lisa along with Peter is co-owner of Cycle Studio. Lisa is an advanced certified Spinning® instructor (STAR 2/RockStar certified) and has been spinning for many years. 

I started indoor cycling (Spinning) 20 years ago when my sister became seriously ill. Cycling became my place to take the pain of that experience from my head and heart, and in that first class I discovered the power of rescuing my whole life, it became my meditation in motion. I have always been a huge fan of fitness with a mix of weight training and cardio, along with pilates, yoga and pound.

 After many years in the corporate industry, sitting at a desk or on an airplane I decided to take voluntary redundancy and I have never looked back - "it’s never too late to start over", and along with Peter and the Cycle Studio Team, we have built a truly wonderful cycling community filled with love, laughter – sometimes tears, fun and damn good indoor cycling, with classes to suit everyone. We host many charitable cycling events, giving back to our community and the people that support us is very important to the whole team.

I/We work on ensuring a safe environment to train, correct bike set-up and technique is so important to prevent injury, protecting the back, knees and ankles – sadly I have been to so many studios where they just allow you to jump on a bike and off you go!  At Cycle Studio we offer a diverse mix of workouts that deliver results. I look forward to meeting you.                                 


Andrew represented Ireland as an elite cyclist in the early 2000’s and was part of the prestigious Irish team in the RAS stage race. More recently he has coached cyclists (from A2 up to Irish team selection) and triathletes with great success. Andrew remains passionate about cycling and helping others to reap the benefits whether it is just general health improvement or improving competitiveness in various events. Andrews classes are designed specifically for those training for outdoor cycles, triathlons etc. Through the winter he will make sure cyclists maintain their fitness and are in great shape for the new season.  Everyone is welcome though and it is always worth trying something a little different! Maybe it’ll encourage you to get out on your bike too.

Denis has been working in the fitness industry since 2004 after finishing a two year diploma in Fitness and Leisure Management in Sallynoggin College. He then went on to complete a final year obtaining his ITEC Personal Training & Sports Therapy diploma. 

After working in some of the biggest gyms in the country, he obtained a vast set of skills while teaching classes including his favorite, indoor cycling. Each class is tailored to his personality ensuring a great workout set to a pumping soundtrack. No stranger to the road bike, he took part in a cross country cycle for charity starting in Dublin, ending in Galway. 

For well over a decade now, Denis has been doing one-to-one and group Personal Training along with freelance classes, helping people of all fitness levels and injuries to help reach their health and fitness goals.