Peter is a passionate cyclist and would be a familiar face at race events across the country. Peter is also a qualified personal trainer and certified Spinning® instructor.

Peter studied Indian Clubs and Clubbells at the 5 Points Academy in New York and is one of very few people in the country that teaches this form of training.


Using Indian clubs, clubbells & mace, these exercise tools not only workout your body like never before but you also learn something new and obtain a new skillset for life.


These exercise are ideal if you what to get strong & increase mobility without adding the bulk.


 "As a formerly obese person I’m fully aware of how hard it can be to lose body fat not only physically but mentally! Those that train with me find that they’re able to talk about their experiences with someone who’s overcome many of the same issues as them". 

Lisa along with Peter is co-owner of Cycle Studio. Lisa is a certified Star 1 Spinning® instructor and has been spinning for many years. 

Lisa has always been a huge fan of fitness with a mix of weight training and cardio, and in the last few years her chosen cardio has been indoor cycling.  After many years in the corporate industry, sitting at a desk or on an airplane Lisa took voluntary redundancy and has never looked back. Her ethos is "its never too late".

Lisa's main focus is building strength for the heart and weight bearing training for the prevention of Osteoporosis.  She is a big supporter of the Irish and UK Heart Foundations and will fit in a few mini marathons every year in aid of them.



Delys is a Star 3 Spinning® Instructor and is a certified bronze level Schwinn & an indoor cycling instructor. She is also a qualified ITEC Level 2 Personal Trainer and is currently working towards her ITEC Level 3 Diploma & ACSM (American College of Sports Science) in personal training & ITEC Level 3 in Nutrition for physical activity. 


Delys offers one-on-one personal training for all ages and fitness levels, whether the fitness goal is to reducing body fat, building strength or improve overall health & fitness. No membership is required and all fitness levels                                

Andrew represented Ireland as an elite cyclist in the early 2000’s and was part of the prestigious Irish team in the RAS stage race. More recently he has coached cyclists (from A2 up to Irish team selection) and triathletes with great success. Andrew remains passionate about cycling and helping others to reap the benefits whether it is just general health improvement or improving competitiveness in various events. Andrews classes are designed specifically for those training for outdoor cycles, triathlons etc. Through the winter he will make sure cyclists maintain their fitness and are in great shape for the new season.  Everyone is welcome though and it is always worth trying something a little different! Maybe it’ll encourage you to get out on your bike too.