Mobility, strength and conditioning exercises relative to the cyclist. Using only Indian clubs, clubbells & mace, these ancient exercise tools not only workout your body like never before but you also learn a skillset for life. Contact Peter on 0862560320


Club training offers a potent workout that combines strength training with cardio for maximum effectiveness.

Training with clubs will get you more flexibly, build strength and definition, strengthen tendons and ligaments whilst burning off excess fat along with the mental benefits. Club training is impressive to watch and even more fun to perform. It's addictive and effective and is particularly useful for those wishing to build strength and stability without adding bulk.



Clubbells are a strength and conditioning tool which weights from 1kg to 20kg (heavier weights are swung one at a time).
Clubbells are excellent for sports specific training like cycling and require full body movements to swing heavy objects.
Great for developing good posture by working the back and shoulder muscles consistently through full body movements.
Lighter clubbells are awesome for women who want strength without the bulk.


Mace training inspired by the ancient Persian warrior elite, is an improvement on the sledgehammer that is believed to be a more effective way to build core and rotational strength. It’s simple to pick up and use like a barbell, yet compact and versatile enough to use in ways no other piece of fitness equipment can match.

With a hollow metal handle and a cannonball at the end, the unbalanced nature of the mace challenges rotatory movement and core stability while working the primary movers throughout the entire body.


Benefits of club training

. Lower and upper arm synergy, stabilization and coordination

. World-class grip strength.

. Extreme Range of Motion Strength.

. Increased tendon and ligament strength.

. Explosive speed-strength to blazing hand speed.

. Upper body joint flexibility & freedom of movement.

. Muscular Endurance for going the last mile with ease.

. Static Strength to hold position and resistance for extreme durations.

. Core strength to protect your lower back.

. Functional fitness helping your everyday activities.

 . Dynamic relaxation to unwind from a hectic day's work.

History of club training

Indian clubs are nothing new; in fact they are the oldest exercise tool in existence.

Club training has a rich history dating back for centuries. The Indian clubs were usually made from wood, available in varying sizes and weights. These clubs were swung around in different rhythms and routines. The heavier clubs were used to develop physical strength, while the lighter clubs were used for shoulder flexibility and coordination.

It is believed to have been introduced to Europe by British soldiers stationed in India in the 1800's the clubs were used to keep the soldiers in top physical condition, challenging their strength agility, balance and flexibility traits. Club training spread around the globe where they were even introduced into school physical education programs and US military training.

Club training actually featured as an Olympic sport in 1904 but gradually waned from mainstream use in the first two decades of the 20th century as more hi tech gym machinery were the new 'in thing'.



I will teach Indian clubs, Clubbells and Mace on a one to one basis or small group session .


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