Training with Peter

Peter studied Indian club and clubbells training at the 5 Points Academy in New York.

He is one of very few people in the country that can teach this exercise.

Peter is also the founder of MTB Mobility Strength Conditioning.

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Some Benefits 

Lower and upper arm synergy, stabilization and coordination

World-class grip strength.

Extreme Range of Motion Strength.

Increased tendon and ligament strength.

Explosive speed-strength to blazing hand speed.

Upper body joint flexibility & freedom of movement.

Muscular Endurance for going the last mile with ease.

Combative Agility to outmaneuver your adversaries.

Static Strength to hold position and resistance for extreme durations.

Yielding Strength to withstand the toughest advance.

Overcoming Strength to rapidly recover from danger.

Truck-stopping core strength to protect your lower back.

Functional fitness helping your everyday activities.

                                       Dynamic relaxation to unwind from a hectic day's work.


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